About the Owner

Paul A. HughesRev. Paul A. Hughes holds a B.S. from Texas A&M University (1980) and a Master of Divinity (1986) from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, with emphasis on Christian Education and Biblical language exegesis.  He also studied Pastoral Ministry and Music at Southwestern Assemblies of God College, and has done graduate studies at Baylor University.  While attending AGTS, his teachers included Dr. Stanley Horton and Dr. Gary McGee, and he performed a College Teaching Practicum in Second-Year Greek at Evangel University under Dr. Randy Tate.

Until recently, Rev. Hughes was pastor of First Assembly of God in Shepherd, Texas.  He previously served as a staff minister under Rev. Steve Linney and Dr. Faiz Rahman, and as Pastor of First Assembly of God in Cuero, Texas.  He is a musician, songwriter, and composer, and the author of numerous published articles and the following books:

  • Neoplatonist Stew: Or, How Sacramentalism, Mysticism, and Theurgy Corrupted Christian Theology (Liberty, TX: God’s Trombone, 2006).  Preview – PaperbackScribd e-Book
  • Christ in Us:  The Exalted Christ and the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit (Liberty, TX: God’s Trombone, 2006).  PreviewOtherAmazonBarnes & Noble
  • Christ within You!  The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, 2nd ed. (Liberty, TX: God’s Trombone, 2008).  iTunesOther
  • William Sherlock, A Practical Discourse concerning Death, edited, annotated, and with historical introduction by Paul A. Hughes (Liberty, TX: God’s Trombone, 2007).  LehmannsHardcoverPaperbackNook e-Book
  • Divine Parodies & Holy Histories: With Select Poems: Illustrations of Gospel Truth (Liberty, TX: God’s Trombone, 2007).  PreviewOtherAmazonBarnes & Noble

Published articles of particular interest include:

  • “Worship in the Second Century: The Spiritual Dimension,” Paraclete 21 (Fall 1987):20-25.
  • “How Did Man Change When Adam Fell?” Paraclete 23 (Fall 1989):20-23.
  • “Speaking God’s Message: The Holy Spirit and the Human Mind,” Paraclete 26 (Spring 1992):17-22.
  • “Soul Patrol,” The Youth Leader (September 1994):10-11.
  • Review of James R. Goff, Fields White Unto Harvest: Charles F. Parham and the Missionary Origins of Pentecostalism, Paraclete 24 (Summer 1990):31-32.
  • Review of James M. Houston, “The Mind On Fire: An Anthology of the Writings of Blaise Pascal,” in ADVANCE (October 1990).
  • Review of Delmer R. Guynes, “The Gospel of the Ascension: Good News from Within the Veil!” in Paraclete 26 (Fall 1992):29 and ADVANCE (May 1992):38.