“Hurt by the Church”?

I wrote the following comment in regard to the comments elsewhere that Christians often become “unchurched” because they have been “hurt by the church”:

There is a story about a man who was looking for the perfect church. As it goes, he found it, joined it, and ruined it.

The only problem with church is that it is people. People are imperfect, by nature self-centered and self-seeking.

Same thing with marriage. Marriage has hurt many people because it involves relationships, often abusive and broken ones. Yet marriage itself is still good, one of the greatest things God gave us, with great potential of comfort, strength, and reward.

Submission to the Lord is the only key to a good church or a good marriage. Only those who “walk in the Spirit,” not “after the flesh,” obey the Lord, keep his commands, and do his will — which is all good, all with the ultimate purpose of love, edification, and eternal life in him.

© 2012 Paul A. Hughes


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