We Saw Him Die

An Easter Music Video

Below I post my “new” Easter music video, “We Saw Him Die.”

The video depicts the viewpoint of an unnamed Disciple of Jesus, perhaps even one of the Twelve Apostles, as he or she tries to cope with the death of Jesus on the cross.  Then follows the revelation of Christ’s Resurrection from the tomb, his appearance to Mary, then Peter and John, then all the Twelve, and to “Doubting Thomas.

The video ends with the risen Jesus meeting the Disciples at the Sea of Galilee, where He taught and ministered to them for forty days.  In particular, we see him taking aside Peter, who had denied him three times prior to the Crucifixion, to whom he said, “Feed my sheep.”

The lyrics are by yours truly; the melody is borrowed from the great classical showpiece “Csardas” by Vittorio Monti, arranged by me; all images not created by me are believed to be public domain.

© 2010 Paul A. Hughes


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