It Don’t Matter, If It Ain’t Spiritual


All the high-toned prayers,
All the times of weeping before the Lord,
All the days spent fasting for whatever reason,
And all the gallons of tears expended,
It don’t matter, if it ain’t spiritual.

And all the services attended,
All the hours of Bible study,
All the coins dropped in the offering plate,
And even paying every last cent of tithe,
It don’t matter, if it ain’t spiritual.

And all the fine musical performances,
All the songs you’ve written,
All the books you’ve published,
All the classes you’ve taught, and sermons preached,
It don’t matter, if it ain’t spiritual.

We do so many things in the flesh,
Things that look impressive and sound good,
If we listen to ourselves, our friends, and the world,
We will think that because we’re busy working,
We’re getting the job done.

You might be mad at me for saying so,
But check me out if this isn’t 100 percent Biblical:
God once commanded the sacrifice of bulls and goats,
But the bulls and goats didn’t matter;
He wanted men to honor him with their lips,
But if their hearts were far from him, they didn’t matter;
Christ sent spiritual gifts for our benefit,
But unless they were done in love, they didn’t matter;
And Paul even said that some church services
Did more harm than good.

God called us to be spiritual people,
He seeks those who will worship him in Spirit and in Truth,
To live according to the Spirit and not the flesh,
To sacrifice the honors and pleasures of this world
With our eyes set on the goal of the next.
So next time you aim to do something for God, remember:
It don’t matter, if it ain’t spiritual!

© 2002 Paul A. Hughes


One Comment on “It Don’t Matter, If It Ain’t Spiritual”

  1. slpmartin says:

    Just an excellent poem…reminded me of the line “Not the gift, but the giver…for the gift without the giver is bare.”…thanks for this.

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