Can You Be Saved after the Rapture?

I disagree with [those who teach] that if you had a chance to get saved before the rapture and didn’t, that you can’t get saved during the tribulation.


Can you still be saved if you miss the Rapture?   Probably yes, but do not count on it. The Book of Revelation implies that those who are “saved” after the Rapture will have to endure some of the terrible judgments upon the earth, and might have to be martyred for their faith.

In Rev. 6:9-11, John sees “the souls of them that were slain for the word of God.”

In 7:4-8, 144,000 of the Tribes of Israel are “sealed” with God’s mark.

In the next verse, 7:9, is seen a great multitude from all nations, probably Gentiles, definitely a different group from the 144,000. John is told that “These are they who came out of great tribulation” (7:14).

The details of identification and timing are absent:   some of them might have been martyred before the Rapture. Nevertheless, these seem to be three different classes of individuals, which appear to be “saved” during the Tribulation.

One thing is for sure:   the Bible does not suggest widespread conversion, even close behind the shock of the Rapture. Later, under heavy judgment, Revelation says that mankind will still not repent (9:20-21, 16:9, 11).

The danger of the idea that there is somehow a “loophole” for those who failed to accept salvation — living a life of sin & doubt, but once God via the Rapture has proven himself beyond doubt, then choosing to get saved — is trusting in that untried scenario. It seems clear that it will be much harder to be saved during the Tribulation than in this present Age of Grace.

Moreover, Scripture pronounces volumes of judgment upon those who see the Truth, but choose a life of unbelief.

My advice:   Do not dare risk your soul!   When you hear the Truth, believe it, receive it, live it.


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