What Is an Intercessor?

I was talking with a lady from my church today and she used the word intercessor to describe the things I seem to be able to do. I do not completely understand what that is. She was unable to tell me in length, so I thought I would check out the internet to see what I could find. I found The Intercessors Prayer (see below). The reason I am writing you is to see if you might be able to shed some light on my question.


An Intercessor is one who intervenes, pleads, or serves as an advocate for someone else. In regard to prayer, simply put, the Intercessor prays for someone else’s needs and welfare, usually with no thought of personal gain. One who is called to a ministry of Intercession spends many hours praying in behalf of other individuals, churches, even nations.

It seems to be necessary for the Intercessor to empty him/herself of personal desires and pay a huge price in time, effort, and selfless service, going far beyond simply uttering a few occasional prayers. One well-known Intercessor was the late Reese Howells of Wales. But the ultimate pattern for Intercession was set by Moses, who interceded before God for Israel, and even offered himself for their sin.

The Intercessor’s Prayer

Lord, as I have felt called to be an intercessor for my church, its leadership, my community, for the salvation of souls, and any other need . . .

Let me fulfill my calling as an intercessor, standing in the gap between the work of God and the works of Satan; casting down human reasoning; storming the gates of hell to pull down his strongholds; binding and defeating Satan in the lives of those whom he has oppressed . .  .

Teach me to pray, as James says, righteously, effectively, and fervently; putting this spiritual work first; willingly expending my time and energy to completely and in good conscience fulfill my calling; keeping my mind and body pure in order to be a holy vessel, fit for his service . . .

Being always aware that I am not the spiritual authority over my pastor or my church, but am responsible to both.  I am neither the pastor’s head, to rule over him, nor the pastor’s hands, to do his work, but an extra set of spiritual eyes and ears to help him see the Lord’s vision, and hear the Lord’s message to his Church; and an extra pair of lips to bring the needs of the Church before God’s throne . . .

Let me not become puffed up because of the abundance of the revelation working in me.  Let me remain humble in your sight, because I know that it is with humility in the flesh, but boldness in the Spirit, that I must approach your throne, in order to hear your message and receive the answer.

Lord, I am your servant.  Amen.

© 1999 Paul A. Hughes. All rights reserved.

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