Can We Know the Bible Is True?

How can I know the Bible is true when there are so many other “Truths”?


How can we assume the Bible is true? I enjoy studying archaeology, especially the exploration of sites relating to Bible history. I have never seen one historic fact in the Bible disproven. Quibbled with, yes. Prevailing scholarly theories going against it, yes. But typically, these anti-Biblical theories are overturned as more archaeological facts are discovered, or at least the so-called scholars must scramble to modify or try to bolster their pet theories.

What about science? Evolution, too, is just a theory. No matter how many scientists support it, they cannot prove it without more facts. If you study the actual evidence, you will find that it is comparatively sparse and subject to interpretation. Louis Leakey claimed to have discovered our ancestors in Olduvai Gorge, Africa. He showed a number of rocks he said were tools they used. But they are just rocks, some broken, some not. There is no evidence of intelligent design, nor indeed that they were ever used as tools by primates.

Creationism, by the way, is not entirely incompatible with Old Earth theories, and therefore with Evolution — if one takes the seven days of Creation in Genesis as seven phases rather than literal 24-hour days. Since neither creationists nor evolutionists were there at the time, I would not be too dogmatic about it, as if we really knew.

The way in which mainstream science has tried to censor and discredit any consideration of Creation is well illustrated in the movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” by Ben Stein.  Also see an excellent article on Intelligent Design by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer.

I read an article in the Houston Chronicle about Richard Swinburne, professor of philosophy at Oxford. He performed an exercise in probability theory in order to evaluate the probability that Jesus was resurrected from the dead. As he explained to a scholarly audience at Yale recently, he evaluated the probability at 97%.

In the end, each of us believes what has been proven to his own satisfaction. If you are seeking but yet unsatisfied, I can only recommend that you keep seeking further information, and keep an open heart and mind.

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