Are Unbelievers’ Prayers Answered?

Michael asks, “Are unbelievers’ prayers answered?

I don’t know the unltimate answer to your question, except to say that God deals with people individually, and their prayers, also.

However, I also think of the story that one of my teachers, the Dr.  Stanley Horton, author of What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit, told us one day in class.

He was participating in a series of well-publicized meetings in a certain city.  One day, the leaders were informed that there was a woman outside in a cab who was very sick.  She had been severely sunburned, and was in a lot of pain.

The woman was not a believer, it turned out, but was desperate for help.  The leaders went to the cab and prayed the prayer of faith over the woman.  She was healed on the spot; but to Dr. Horton’s knowledge, she did not in turn become a believer.  He never saw her again.

So Dr. Horton went on to say that he thought a non-believer was actually more likely to be healed than a believer, because healing bears witness that the Gospel is true.

If that is so, then how much more will a non-believer be judged, having seen the proof for themselves!


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